Mohammed Ahmed Al Amoudi and Sons Trading Company was established in 1965, since nearly five decades by Sheikh / Mohamed Ahmed Al Amoudi, entitled “Mohammed Ahmed Al Amoudi Est.”. It was one of the first establishments specialized in automotive paints at the time. In 2010, a new establishment was  incorporated entitled “Micro Colors Est” for Automotive Paints and Equipment, and specialized in automotive equipment. In 2015, Mohammed Ahmed Al Amoudi Est. and Micro colors Est. were transformed into limited liability Companies managed by Mohammed Ahmed Al Amoudi & Sons Group for Automotive Paints and Equipment.

Our Vision

To be a leading company in the field of paints and dent equipment and to be committed to the distinctive service of all our customers.

Our Mission

We strive to improve the quality of life by providing all our
customers with water-based paints system for sustainable and effective service in modern methods to preserve the environment in the best way and provide the finest types of equipment to have work outputs at the highest quality level.

Our Objective:

Mohammed Ahmed Al Amoudi Group for Automotive Paints and Equipment aims to provide services with international standards through its alliance with the world’s leading specialized companies in automotive paints field, automotive technology and dent equipment through its consultants in local market. These specialized services include paints and dent departments in the automotive service centers, which help them achieve their goals and speed up their services.

Our Values

  • Quality
  • Teamwork
  • Loyalty
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Credibility and Transparency
  • Customer Satisfaction

Chairman’s Message:

In the journey of life, people seek all paths, so there are scientists, physicians, engineers, professors and dealers. We started with a small shop in Riyadh city, Al Rail Street (Currently, Omar Al Mukhtar St.), when we provided simple colors such as simplicity of life in the past. Today, thanks to Allah, we have a variety of commercial activities based on application of latest administrative systems in management of organizations and establishments in the field of paints and dent. Through which, we not only expanded domestically, but regionally and globally at all levels in terms of regulation, management and outreach, thanks to future expansion plans developed by the Company, including opening a factory for automotive paints and equipment within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and exportation to all countries of the world, Allah willing, in accordance with the Saudi Vision 2030, whilst keeping our beliefs and values, which our Honorable Messenger, peace and blessing of Allah be upon him, taught us. I believe that investing in national human development is the cornerstone of business success and continuity. Our vision of success is related to the satisfaction of our customers and meeting their aspirations and needs. With the help of Allah, we at Mohammed Ahmed Al Amoudi Est. & Sons continue to improve our performance, seek the best and search for new opportunities to increase our activities and business inside Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad. I pray to Allah the Almighty that we continue our journey, contribute to prosperity of our national economy and enhance development for our children and society in the future.
Best regards, Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Amoudi.